80% Unity; 20% Variety

This image represents unity through repetition (the image is made of many people), grouping (the people are all the same shape), proximity (they're all near each other), and continuity (the people make a connected chain).  With a strong focal point in the center of the image, the negative shape is actually more centric, with the positive shapes being eccentric.  There is also a bit of variety in the different colors of people, and it adds to the image in combination with all the unity to symbolize something beautiful: people working together despite obvious differences (variety).  It looks like the 80%/20% ratio in the textbook might have some truth to it after all...

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Chaotic Art and Designs

This image seems to take advantage of repetition to create unity, although it repeats several visual effects, rather than just one, to create chaos through variety.  Simply put, there is a lot going on here.

I forget the name of the exact magazine I found this in, so I will be posting a source as soon as possible (next class period).  The only things I remember about the magazine are that it had a red cover with what I think was a white-out bottle on it and it was from April 2017.